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Spider Vein Removal
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Facial Red Vein Removal Advanced Electrolysis

Facial Red Veins – how and why they occur

Blemishes and discolouration always seems more alarming when it occurs on the face, even if the affected area is quite small. Unfortunately, the facial area is one part of the body when Thread Veins – or Broken Thread Veins, as they’re sometimes called – are most commonly found.

There’s no single factor that determines whether you’ll be prone to Facial Red Veins – if there was, they might be easier to prevent! Damage from exposure to the sun, environmental factors, hormone changes and genetic bad luck have all been cited as possibly causes. It’s also true to say that they can be brought on by excessive use of harsher skincare products.

As well as the face, Red Veins are sometimes encountered on the body and legs. People sometimes assume that their red appearance is down to the fact that blood escaped from broken capillaries, but in fact the offending veins are permanently dilated rather than broken. As we grow older, the veins lose their ability to contract after temporary dilation, so they remain fully dilated – a state in which they’re much more noticeable.

Using Thermolysis to treat Facial Red Veins and Thread Veins

Thermolysis is  Red Vein Removal techniques we offer at Aesthetic Med Clinic.

The treatment works by directing a low Electrolysis current onto the surface of the skin where the Red Veins are present. The effect is to cauterise the blood vessel and remove it, simply by the application of heat. Thermolysis tends to produce the best results on the nose and cheek area.

The process isn’t at all painful, and it only takes around half an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Your Electrologist will simply tap a slender needle along the affected area, causing a slight stinging sensation which is often described as being no more than a little uncomfortable.

When your treatment is completed, your skin will be just a little lighter in tone and the redness of the Thread Veins will have entirely vanished, since the blood in the veins will have been reabsorbed into the body. You’ll probably also feel a slight warmth in the treated area.

Don’t be alarmed if you see some small crusts, resembling in tiny scratches, forming over the area in the 7 to 10 days after treatment. They will gradually disappear on their own.

Facial Red Vein Removal  the difference you’ll see

Before your treatment begins

The first stage in removing Red Veins is a thorough consultation here at our clinics in Gold Coast . Your Electrologist will go through your medical history and carry out a short patch test to make sure your treatment can go ahead.

You may need two or three treatments to achieve the results you’re looking for in eliminating Thread Veins, but it’s very likely that you’ll notice a big difference after just one appointment.

If you do need multiple appointments, these will be spaced at intervals of around one month.

After your treatment is finished

It’s normal to see Facial Red Veins and Thread Veins begin to fade away about three weeks after treatment. The finer veins will begin to disappear first. To achieve the best results, you’ll need to carry on with treatment until the Thread Veins have entirely faded from view.

You should refrain from using any skincare products or make-up on the affected area after treatment. We also recommend that you avoid heat treatments, hot showers or baths for 24 hours… and give yourself a break from the gym!

One final word of advice: make sure you regularly use factor 30 SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV rays after your Red Veins have been removed.

Disclaimer: all treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent. We cannot guarantee the results of treatments. These will differ on an individual basis, with likely effectiveness to be discussed during initial consultation. Permanence of results is not guaranteed.