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New skin in 5 days!

DR Alex Corrective PEEL


herbs2peel is a proven, natural method for correcting and regenerating the skin, based on a mixture of pure herbs free of chemical additives or synthetic abrasives or binding agents. The herbs are massaged into the skin in combination with specially developed – also on a natural basis – preparations. The specially selected herbs contain, among other things, valuable proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes. Herbal micro-particles remove the top layers of skin while the nutrient-rich, active substances penetrate the skin’s layers.



The goal: a new skin in 5 days!

The Corrective Peel [also commonly known as herbal peeling] is the natural problem solver for a variety of skin problems [blemished skin / pimples, scars, severely sun-damaged skin / atrophy & elastosis, some forms of hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks, & sagging body skin on the abdomen, arms and buttocks] and results in peeling of the top layers of skin with simultaneous regeneration of the skin in just 5 days.
The corrective peel treatment is carried out in the cabin by the certified beautician on the basis of a well-founded skin analysis. The customer is then instructed to regularly use Alex Cosmetic’s home care products specially tailored to herbs2peel in order to support the peeling process as best as possible. As a rule, the skin begins to visibly peel around the 3rd day.
Since every skin reacts individually to the herbal peeling treatment, the peeling process is also individual each time. On average, however, it takes 5 days until the skin has completely peeled off and the new skin becomes visible. This is also the time for the control treatment, where the particularly receptive skin is supplied with valuable active ingredients, the skin’s appearance is assessed by the beautician and further skin care is determined.