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DMK Paramedical Skin Treatments

DMK’s guiding concept of ‘Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain’ aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy, so the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner that can offer profound long-term results.

dmk ParaMedical skin treatments

First Time DMK Clients

For all new DMK clients, we recommend booking a first time Enzyme Therapy and consultation appointment. During this visit, your skin therapist will analyse your skin conditions and concerns and tailor a treatment and home-care plan for your best result.


Enzyme Treatment

Level 1

Level 2

Our signature treatment designed to strengthen and repair the natural integrity of the skin, creating a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in. Enzyme Therapy exfoliates the skin, gets rid of toxins and impurities as well as working the facial muscles to tighten and firm the skin. Enzymes are suitable for a wide range of conditions such as acne, sensitive or rosacea skins, pigmentation, ageing and sun damage.


Muscle Banding

Level 4

Designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging skin. Muscle banding uses a combination of two Enzyme masques applied in a banding technique causing a deep contraction and stimulation of the facial muscles, increases collagen production and tones the face and neck.


Pro Alpha Facial + Quick Peel

Using a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids this treatment smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, helps to lighten pigmentation and increase dermal hydration, leaving skin smooth, bright and hydrated.


Quick Peel (includes Enzyme Therapy)

A gentle peel for sensitive, reactive skin. Quick Peel uses a pseudo heat to increase circulation therefore increasing oxygenation and nutrient supply to the tissue. Ideal for inflamed acne, sluggish skin, rosacea or fragile capillaries as it is anti-bacterial and healing.


Prozyme (includes Enzyme Therapy)

A deep resurfacing treatment that dissolves dead skin build up and refines thickened oily congested skin with open pores. Prozyme smoothes deep wrinkles and brightens a dull flat lifeless skin.


Instant Lift (includes Enzyme Therapy)

Refresh and revive your skin for a special occasion. The instant lift, instantly tightens and lifts the skin leaving a fresh, smooth, bouncy, glowing complexion.


Bihaku Revision &  Bihaku Series  10 Days Protocol

A treatment designed to enhance the brightness of the complexion. Ideal for clients who suffer with pigmentation or dull, uneven skin tone. Plumps and hydrates the skin, leaving it luminous and glowing.


Hydrodermabrasion and Enzyme Therapy

Next-generation microdermabrasion with ultra-hydrating fluids that penetrate deep into the skin for a superior resurfacing and plumping treatment. Ideal for lines and wrinkles, rough and uneven skin, scarring and pigmentation. Followed by an Enzyme Masque to repair and heal the skin.


Alkaline Resurfacing (includes Enzyme Therapy)

A superior treatment used to resurface acne scarring as well as kill acne bacteria, followed by our signature enzyme therapy treatment.


Alkaline Hair Removal ( Half Face )

A painless hair removal solution for fine fluffy facial hair. Alkaline not only removes fluffy facial hair but also slows down the hair growth over time.


Six Layer Peel

The six layer peel is an effective resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results. This treatment removes dead skin cells, instigates collagen development, reduces wrinkles, light scarring and uneven skin tones. The strength of the formulation is tailored by your therapist to suit your skin condition.

The treatments include 2 days of pro alpha applications, 2 lift off treatments and home care products to maximise results.

* this is a specialised treatment which requires consultation *


Vitamin A 1, A2, A3 Treatments

The DMK Vitamin A Peels provide a versatile solution for individuals seeking visible results with minimal downtime. Serving as a more compact version of the full Remodelling Procedure, this treatment offers three distinct applications with varying strengths, all customizable to address specific skin concerns and goals. Whether administered as a standalone session or as part of a series, these peels aim to resurface and remodel the skin, targeting issues like wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging, and roughness.

Designed to enhance skin architecture and promote a revitalized, youthful complexion, Vitamin A Peels are particularly beneficial for those with photodamaged skin or experiencing rapid deterioration in texture and tone. They are also recommended for individuals dealing with congestion and acne. Your DMK Professional Skin Revision Therapist will tailor the treatment to your unique skin characteristics, including color, texture, sensitivity, and overall condition, ensuring optimal results and comfort throughout the process.